Health & Safety

At Epcido, our strength lies in our employees and we rely on their commitment and talent to ensure our future growth. We are convinced that to reach our goals of growth, we need employees that thrive and experience our company as a safe and inspiring place of employment.

Work environment issues remain a high priority and we never compromise the health, safety and well-being of our employees. We define how we avoid accidents, maintain job satisfaction and ensure a safe and motivating work environment. We continually strive to improve our work environment and remove possible hazards.

Health & Safety absolutes on Projects


At Epcido, we wish to be regarded as an environmentally conscious and responsible corporation. We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental legislations and we work with getting sustainable thinking into day-to-day operations and development plans.


We want to meet our customers’ expectations and demands when it comes to the quality of our services. We want to keep our promises to our customers, always delivering the expected quality and always on time.

The development of a safe and positive work environment is an ongoing process and we regularly assess and evaluate our work routines by measuring employee satisfaction in a continuous effort to create improvements. We involve every single employee, vigorously promoting a culture of health and safety that strengthens our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Our environmental commitment is continually put into practice with measures and activities to minimise our impact on environment.

We are also aware that quality is a dynamic concept constantly in motion. That is why we critically evaluate and assess our own processes in a continuous effort to create improvements that reflect our customers’ demands and expectations.