Upgrade & modification & Re-location

Industrial manufacturers today are focusing overwhelmingly on constantly modernizing their production plants.

Epcido carries out a broad variety of M&E upgrade & modification projects in the industry, ranging from minor to complete revamps. We have a strong focus on keeping shutdown time to a minimum and all refurbishment work on schedule, which is why we offer a survey as a basis for all our upgrade & modification projects.

As well as upgrade & modification projects, Epcido provides machine and equipment moving and relocation services. From internal machine and equipment moving within a factory, to the relocation of entire production facilities to other countries, we have the experience, equipment and expertise to ensure the move of your plant and equipment goes smoothly. To date we have conducted machine an equipment re-location projects in Scandinavian and Europe.

Our experience enables us to identify and troubleshoot any potential problems before they occur. This expertise together with our desire to undertake your project safely and securely means that we are the service provider of choice.